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Anal Dildo

Anal dildo is one type of sex toy which is the best sex toy for anal Fun loves. Here we will explain in detail.


Facts to Know about an Anal Dildo

In the world of sex toys, an anal dildo holds a special place for its users. These sex toys are perfect for all sorts of anal masturbation. Although it looks like regular dildos, the difference is just that its girth is slimmer so that users can comfortably use it for insertion. Those who are new to sex toys will find anal dildos easier to use for their sleeker shaft.

Adultvibesuae has an amazing collection of anal dildos to boast about. In fact, this online adult toy shop in UAE has a stunning variety of anal sex products ranging from anal beads to butt plugs, anal vibrators, and more. Now, what is more important for users to know about anal dildo is its technical difference with a typical dildo.


What makes Anal Dildos different from Ordinary Ones?

The ordinary dildos are intended towards vaginal stimulation. Therefore, the dildo tip is wider in comparison since the vaginal opening is a bit wider. On the contrary, the anal opening is tighter and hence the tip of the anal dildos is made narrow.

Moreover, the anal depth is also quite deeper in comparison to that of the vagina. This is a reason why experts always advise to use an anal dildo for anal penetration and nothing else.


Guide to use dildo by beginners

Beginners would find it interesting to use anal dildos. But before picking up one and using it, moistening it with some lubricant is a must. Remember, if you are a beginner, go for anal dildos which are smaller and thinner and has a flat end. So, take some personal lubricant and apply it to the genitals as well as the over the dildo’s surface. This would let it easily insert into the anal without hurting.


Go Slow and Don’t Hurry

When it comes to using an anal dildo, the pace should be absolutely slow. Remember, the slower you do, the more intense the pleasure. However, beginners might be left with a bit of pain for the first time. But the experience and fun out of it are just unmatched.

If you are using an anal vibrator, make sure to activate the vibration mode after the dildo has been inserted completely. This is very important for beginners to understand that safety is first and then comes entertainment. With anal sex, this has to be kept in mind because the anus is a very sensitive area that should be handled carefully. The vibrations, no doubt, are enjoyable but if it gets a bit uncomfortable, just stop and take a break.


A Few Tips for Anal Dildo Users

Prior to taking up an anal dildo for deriving sexual pleasures, here are a few tips for all those users to stay safe yet satisfied. Have a look:

  • Take some lube or water-based gel and massage slowly in advance with your fingers. Soften the genital area and loosen the muscles while doing so.

  • Take some more lubes if you think the area has been left dry. While pushing the dildo, it needs to be smooth at all costs.

  • While inserting the anal dildo, make sure to push and loosen simultaneously. If you constantly push, there will be a high chance of getting hurt.

  • Locate the insertion angle first and then proceed with your toy. Go slow and easy.

  • If you are using butt plugs, fit it rightly at the opening and slowly activate the vibrations. It is recommended to set the high speed at the first instance.

Now that you have got a fair idea of how to use anal dildos, you can now make some serious plans for it. There is an outstanding variety of anal sex toys at Adultvibesuae. Order any of them you want online, whether those are butt plugs, anal vibrators, or anal beads.

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