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How did Our Journey Begin?

Sex Toys in Dubai, UAE : A journey becomes smooth when its purpose hints towards positivity. With this thought, Adultvibesuae started in 2016 with the idea of selling sex toys in UAE. This was a big task as we wanted to reach out everywhere across the Middle East with pure intention. We wanted to spread the message of sexual wellness. Undoubtedly, it was a challenge, and we knew it would not be easy.

With time, we noticed people were getting happy. Orders started coming from men mostly. Gradually, the attention drifted to women and then to people above 40s and 50s. Adultvibesuae saw its dream come true as we captured a significant market for adult sex toys in Dubai. Also, emails were flooding our inboxes from cities like Sharjah and Fujairah.

Things got a bit difficult in 2020 owing to the pandemic. However, the difference was just in our number of orders. The initial months were a bit bland. But from October onwards, we were back. As we stepped in 2021, we experienced a strong surge in demand for certain products like vibrators, sex dolls, cock rings, and BDSM accessories. Even responses regarding sex toys in Dubai were good on social media platforms, making us more confident.


How Safe is Adultvibesuae to Shop for Adult Sex Toys in Dubai?

Everyone assures safety, especially when you avail of an online service in today’s world. Well, Adultvibesuae never throws words out of exaggeration, especially when it comes to dealing with adult sex toys in Dubai. If we are determined to serve you in the best and quickest manner, we will bring our hearts out to make this happen. Forget fake promises; we commit just what we intend.

Whether you are willing to shop for adult sex toys in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, or Ras Al Khaimah, we make sure to serve you with the best things possible. So, if you have plans to buy adult toys in UAE, the following factors will make it clear why you seek our help:


Unmatched Product Quality

Before buying adult sex toys in Dubai, you always check their quality. In this regard, we keep no questions. At least, we can say that our adult toys in Dubai are never harmful to the human skin or the private parts of the body. Hence, we prefer keeping products made of silicone, glass, TPR, etc. Most importantly, the products we deliver are always fresh and never used. We all believe in health and hygiene, which is highly crucial for us.


Wide Range of Products

You look for variety after quality among the most desirable factors in shopping. Adultvibesuae is happy to bring you more than 1400 products. This includes everything from adult toys in Dubai, sex accessories, and bondage stuff to herbal products and long-distance vibrators. Men, women, and couples will surely be happy to come across a grand variety here.


Economical Product Price

Budget is a major deciding factor for a buyer, and we understand this better. Hence, Adultvibesuae makes it a point to keep the prices of a product as reasonable as possible. We, therefore, have adult sex toys in Dubai that are high in quality but low in cost. This meets one’s dual purpose of budget and goal at the same time.


Flexible Shopping Ways

Shopping needs to be done very flexibly, and of course, where safety prevails. Our online sex toys store in Dubai will let you shop flexibly. For instance, you can shop from our online sex toys store in Dubai directly or send an email or WhatsApp the details of the product you wish to order. Hence, buyers are sure to enjoy flexibility when shopping at our online sex toy shop for adult sex toys in Dubai.


What are the Top Trending Adult Toys at Adultvibes UAE?

The first question that strikes our mind while shopping for anything online is, “what’s in TREND? So, here is a list of some adult toys in UAE that are topping the charts and winning people’s hearts.

Let’s take a sneak peek:


Rabbit Vibrator

If you have never heard of rabbit vibrators, you are probably new to the world of adult toys. Rabbit vibrators are always special for girls. These vibrators stimulate the clitoris so well that many girls love playing with them for their solo sessions. There is no doubt that rabbit vibrators are counted among the most popular female sex toys in UAE.

The demand for rabbit vibrators has been quite notable in recent years. Women between 27 and 44 are using rabbit vibrators in good numbers. No matter what variety of female toys and accessories will be introduced, rabbit vibrators will never cease to entertain women.

Why is the Rabbit Vibrator so Popular?
  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously
  • Gives faster orgasms
  • Runs with no noise
  • Vibrates Strongly


Vibrating Panty

Stop wearing ordinary undergarments if you are feeling horny like anything. Go for our vibrating panty, as it is the ideal sex accessory that would keep a woman orgasmic on the go. Even if you desire to wear it for long hours, you will love the experience. Girls who have never tried it should go for these sex toys for women UAE. Equipped with a hidden motor, it creates unique sensations on the clit when operated with remote control.

Why is the Vibrating Panty so Popular?
  • It can be worn like regular underwear
  • Safe for clitoral vibrations
  • Easy to wear
  • Discreet enjoyment



Nothing is entertaining like wearing a strap-on. Lesbians or couples who think their sex life has taken a backseat can now go for a strap-on. Just imagine the fun when the girl will stroke with a dildo. Once her turn is over, the other partner will take it up. Once you visit our online sex toys store in Dubai, you will witness a fantastic variety of these sex toys for couples in Dubai. Just fix the harness on your waist, and the play begins.

Why is Strap-on so Popular?
  • Ideal for lesbian couples
  • Best for men lacking erection
  • Flexible to use
  • A new experience in penetration


Dildo or Realistic Vibrator

Want to buy a vibrating dildo in UAE? Every sexual act needs to feel real. When you use a realistic vibrator, the intensity of penetration will be so lifelike. Among the vibrators, this has been among the bestselling sex toys for women in UAE. The shape of these vibrators exactly represents the male penis. Women can customize the settings of these vibrators and make their naughty sessions incredibly enjoyable. Now you can buy vibrating dildos in Dubai from our store.

Why is a Realistic Dildo Vibrator Popular?
  • It takes the shape of a penis
  • Easy to play and insert
  • Safe to use
  • Hassle-free controls


G-spot Vibrator

Girls who say, “I have touched my G-spot”, are so erotically fortunate. If you want to be on this list, try our G-spot vibrators. These sex toys for women in Dubai come in such shapes that would let users touch their G-spot so effortlessly. Forget taking so much effort because these vibrators will make this job pleasing. Women should play with a G-spot vibrator once in a lifetime.

Why is a G-spot Vibrator Popular?
  • Does clitoral stimulation at its best
  • Easy grip and comfortable to hold
  • Delivers stronger vibrations
  • Generates orgasm in no time


Sex Machine

Not all machines are functional. But when it comes to enjoying a solo with the help of a sex machine, things look incredible. These sex toys for women in Dubai are compact and often accompanied by a dildo attached to them. The speed settings will let the user adjust the intensity. If one wants, she can go on taking the strokes as much as possible and also at top speed. So, why not moan a bit louder this time with a sex machine?

Why is a Sex Machine so Popular?
  • Works with advanced mechanism
  • Safe to operate and play
  • Non-strop stroking
  • Compact in size


Big Artificial Vagina

Vaginal penetration is the most fantastic thing one enjoys during sex. So, the addition of having a big artificial vagina will make things so magical for men. These sex toys for men in UAE come with soft-skin silicone bodies that make penetration so heavenly. Those men who had always wanted to get laid must try this one. Although it is an artificial, big-sized vagina, it promises the user a realistic experience in bed.

Why is a Big Artificial Vagina Popular?
  • A realistic vagina made of silicone
  • Inserts with no pressure
  • Feels heavenly to penetrate
  • It takes no time and effort to clean


Fleshlight Masturbator

Who said your dream to satisfy your physical desires would stay unfulfilled? The Fleshlight masturbators in UAE are creating magic all over. Bring home a Fleshlight masturbator, and you will know what it feels like to have fun with a hot girl. These sex toys for men in UAE come with a lifelike vagina whose shape replicates that of a pornstar.

The Fleshlight masturbator has been quite a popular name among female sex toys in UAE. Now, you don’t need to go anywhere because we can also help you order Fleshlight masturbators in Dubai.

Why is a Fleshlight Masturbator Popular?
  • Comprises a moulded vagina of a pornstar
  • Delivers electrical impulses to double sensuality
  • Non-complicated settings
  • Advanced technology


Cock Ring

Having an erection is the best moment for a man in bed. So, when you wear a cock ring, you will enjoy an erection like anything. For men who think erection is a challenge, a cock ring will convert it into a myth. Men can wear these rings around the base of their penis and enjoy having sensations just before the climax.

Why is a Cock Ring so Popular?
  • Lets men have erection easily
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Causes no pain in the user’s penile area
  • Safe to use


Inflatable Love Doll

Can you believe sex dolls can be inflated? Yes, our sex toys store in UAE has such fabulous dolls that men would mistake these for real women. These sex toys for men in Dubai inflate as per their desired size. Now buy a sex doll in Dubai online at our store and take enjoyment to a new level. Also, you can be anywhere and place an order for a sex doll in UAE.

Why is an Inflatable Love Doll so Popular?
  • A lifelike figure of a real girl
  • Body of good quality silicone
  • One can inflate without effort
  • Real skin-like complexion


App Control Vibrator

Making love from a long distance is no more unrealistic now. Yes, we have the app control vibrator that would let couples have unlimited fun. These vibrators are superb as they can be activated through a smartphone application and runs through Bluetooth. Wherever you are, you can let your partner make you crazy with the help of remote control. The demand for these sex toys for couples in UAE among sex toys UAE is on the rise.

Why is the App Control Vibrator Popular?
  • Lets two users play with it simultaneously
  • Easy to carry and play
  • Needs Bluetooth for connectivity
  • Requires an app for installation on a smartphone


BDSM Sex Toys

If you think you need to go a bit more wild and erotic with your partner in an innovative manner, why not go for BDSM toys among our couple adult toys in Dubai? Our online sex toys store in Dubai has the trendiest bondage adult sex toys in Dubai. Look for products like a leather whip, mouth ball gag, chastity lock, and more among our couple sex toys. The more you browse from our store, the happier you will be.

Why are the BDSM Sex Toys so Popular?
  • An incredible variety of bondage accessories
  • Different bondage toys for other purposes
  • Made of good quality material
  • Safe to use on the skin


Anal Dildo

Are you planning to buy an anal dildo in UAE? Well, pain is often a pleasure in sex. But when it comes to enjoying anal sex, there might be a different level of ecstatic pain. Using an anal dildo can, therefore, make this experience out of the world. These dildos are different from the normal ones. These dildos penetrate the anal area with a narrow tip, so the user does not get hurt. Our sex toys store in UAE brings a mind-blowing collection of anal dildos among the couple sex toys in UAE. Now buy anal dildos in Dubai online at affordable prices from us.

Why is an Anal Dildo so Popular?
  • It makes anal sex safer
  • It does not hurt the anal area
  • Best for beginners in anal sex
  • Easy to insert without pressure


Enlarger Device for Men

Men are sure to have fun with a penis enlarger device as it aims at enhancing penis size. These sex toys for men in Dubai are safe and give men the confidence to perform like a champ in bed. Our online adult toys store keeps the most promising collection of enlarger devices for men. So, if anyone looks forward to satisfactory performance, the enlarger device for men would be an ideal pick among our male adult toys in Dubai.

Why is an Enlarger Device for Men so Popular?
  • Results in a safe extension of the penis
  • It can be stretched to some inches
  • Safe to use
  • Causes no side effects to the penis