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Sex Toys in Dubai: Being one of the world’s most beautiful locations, Dubai is known for its modern architecture, luxury shopping and unmatched wildlife. It’s indeed a pleasure staying here, whether it is for a holiday or office tour. With a population of 2.1 million, people here are quite enthusiastic and lead a very pleasant lifestyle.

In other words, the city is surrounded with an air of love that makes everyone feel so positive about life. Amidst this surrounding, the use of adult toys can add a new note of happiness to your stay in Dubai. Moreover, if you have a partner, nothing can make your nights memorable here in this beautiful city.

The online adult sex toys store in Dubai unlocks some magical adult products for male, female and couples who will be thrilled to make their sex life better. In fact, there are online sex toys in Dubai designed for all types of acts like missionary, doggy style, blowjob and more.


Men’s Sex Toys in Dubai

Big Artificial Vagina in Dubai

Stroking is the one thing men enjoy the most on bed. So, those who have been craving to make love with female partners can quench their thirst with a big artificial vagina. Among the male sex toys, one will come across a stunning range of such male masturbating devices. These products come in the form of a female structure with just the private parts made of soft silicone.


Cock Rings in Dubai

What a man usually worries before having sex is whether he would have an erection. If this is a matter of concern for men, a cock ring would then be the perfect pick among the male adult toys. These rings are easy to wear and do not harm the penis.


Male Strokers in Dubai

Masturbation for men is quite pleasurable. In fact, the online sex toys shop in Dubai has brought such exciting male strokers that would help men enjoy their solo sessions. One just needs to choose a product from the online adult shop and place the order.


Women’s Sex Toys in Dubai

Vibrating Massager in Dubai

There are many women who face problems in regard to orgasm. So, the vibrating massager would be a good pick among the female sex toys in Dubai. These are safe erotic devices that would give women the pleasure to achieve orgasm.


Dildo Vibrator in Dubai

The online female sex toys collection in Dubai has brought awesome products like dildo vibrator. It is an amazing erotic device that gives women the ultimate orgasmic vibes. One can use it for solos or while lovemaking with her male partner.


Couple Sex Toys in Dubai

Lovemaking Furniture in Dubai

Want to be a bit wilder with your partner? Want to bring something new for your intimate moments? Here comes an outstanding collection of lovemaking furniture that would leave couples excited for trying new positions. There are love rollers, mini love rollers and other products to pick from the category of couple sex toys online.


Strap-on in Dubai

Strap-on is one of the most popular sex toys for couples. The online sex toys store here has a wide range of such exciting products for couples.

Apart from Dubai, one can also buy online sex toys in UAE. Even if you are new to the city, you don’t need to worry as you can simply place your order online or call up the online sex toys store in UAE for assistance. Here also you will be able to shop for female sex toys in UAE, male sex toys in UAE as well as those for couples.


Payment Schemes to Buy Sex Toys in UAE

When it comes to making online payments for buying adult products in Dubai and UAE, one can remain assured about its safety. The easiest way to pay online would be through debit or credit card. Another safe and smart way of online payment for buying sex toys in UAE and Dubai would be through Bankwire.

So, worry no more and start shopping for sex toys in UAE and Dubai online at the most competitive prices. Hurry and grab amazing offers.


Our Top Trending Sex Toys in UAE

Although we have known about the availability of different types of adult products for men, women, and couples here, we will now see which products are trending among all genders.

With the following list, you will have a good idea as to which toys are in high demand in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

Let’s take a quick look:


Realistic Vibrator

A woman would always desire to go for a solo session at any time of the day. With a realistic vibrator, therefore, she would find getting the orgasms so pleasurable.

These dildos look just like the male penis and have vibrating motors inside for allowing stimulations on the female genitals. A few of the realistic vibrators that deserve mention are the Silky Sweety Realistic Vibrator, Black Court Vibrator, and the Finger Dildo.


Vibrating Massager

Who doesn’t love taking erotic massages with the help of their partners? Our exclusive range of vibrating massagers is just mind-blowing. On using one, you will feel the most impactful sensations on your genitals.

Among the top recommendations, you can go with Palm Magic Wand, the Magic Wand Vibrator, and the Mini Vibrating Massager.


Vulva Pump

Grab the most advanced and safest vulva pumps from our adult toy shop. Apart from being safe and high-quality, these are quite easy to use.

If you are willing to shop for any of our vulva pumps, try our Portable 3 in 1 Clitoris Sucker and the Ultimate Vulva Pump Pro Vibrator.


Sex Real Doll

If men have ever dreamt to do sex with the hottest girls of their fantasies, bring home a sex real doll and have the experience right in bed. These are lifelike dolls that have everything to satisfy horny men.

While shopping from our collection of sex real dolls, you can choose to go with Clares Acrobatic Fantasy Male Apparatus Doll, Double Doll, and Fashion Girls USA.


App Control Vibrator

Make long distance lovemaking possible with no effort by using our app control vibrator. On needs to install the relevant application in the smartphone and switch on the Bluetooth.

Some of our app control vibrators are the Lovense Lush Wireless Bluetooth App Vibrator and the Lush 2 Remote Control Vibrator.


Male Masturbator

Men can forget using their hands while masturbating because we have got the trendiest male masturbators of superior quality. These toys assure a perfect hands-free experience for users.

Try the Pocket Pussy, Pussy in Can, or the Horny Rider Masturbator for a completely new experience.


Penis Enlargement Device

Men who are not happy with their penis size will benefit using our penis enlargement device. Easy to use and safe to depend, these devices are great in stretching the length and girth of the male penis.

Pick our latest Bathmate Hydromax X40, the Ultra Penis Pro Enlargement Pump, the Super Vacuum Penis Enlarger, or any other model you want.


Rabbit Vibrator

If women are in search of the best solo gadgets, our range of rabbit vibrators will never go missing. Whether it is clit rubbing or taking the help of your partner, our rabbit vibrators will do a fantastic job.

Among the best models, you can look for the Super Rabbit Vibrator, Thrusting Rabbit, and Mini Rabbit Vibrator.



A completely different and perfect sex toy for couples would be a strap-on. Having a harness style, it often comes with a dildo attached. Just it needs to be worn around the waist and used for stroking.

Among the top products, one can consider bringing the Wearable Solid Dildo, Butterfly Remote Control Strap On Vibrator, Shag Me Strap on Dildo Vibrator, and more.


Bullet Vibrator

Amongst all female sex gadgets, a bullet vibrator is considered to be a powerful erotic gadget. It makes way for double penetration which is a dream for many women.

Among the models, don’t miss trying our Smart Ben Wa Balls, Strong Double Bullet Vibrator, and the Remote Control Vibrating Egg.


Herbal and Lubricants

Apart from keeping sex toys and accessories for men and women, we also keep herbal and lubricants. We have the strongest yet safest herbal products for men and women as well.

Among the products, we have desensitizers, breast and penis enlargement cream, Thai Herbal products, toy cleaners, delay sprays, and more.


Anal Dildo

If you are wondering about which sex toys in Dubai are trending at the moment, the anal dildo will certainly take a leading position. Our online store has a fabulous collection and comprises different sex toys for anal pleasure. The anal dildos we have here are excellent in quality and make it so pleasurable for couples to enjoy their intimate moments. Anal dildos are quite affordable to purchase and do not burn a hole in your pocket.


Chastity Lock Device

BDSM lovers know what magic a chastity lock device does. If you are willing to enjoy bondage sex, nothing would be more entertaining than wearing the chastity lock device. These are worn over the male penis and acts as a locking mechanism for the penis to get harder. A good number of couples have considered these BDSM sex toys in Dubai ideal for role play. Newlywed couples are liking this product which predicts that it would never run out of demand in the coming years.


Cock Ring

Silicone rings are counted among those sex accessories for men that would keep an erection at its best. These rings have such power that would harden up the penis in no time. After wearing around the base of the penis, the ring gradually excites the male genitals and makes them ready to hit the climax. Men who are looking forward to buying sex toys in Dubai will love to have cock rings for more fun. Also, these rings would be easier to clean and maintain as well.


G-spot Vibrator

When girls enjoy penetration, they want to feel the depth as much as they can. Such is the essence of a G-spot vibrator that lets women enjoy extreme stimulations right inside their G-spot. Reportedly, women have loved shopping for these female sex toys in Dubai and now, the demand has been high across the city. These are quite safe to use and assure a superior level of satisfaction.


Our Service Areas in UAE

Adultvibesuae has been quite fortunate in getting positive responses from various corners of the UAE. In fact, our online sex toy store in the last 6 years has fulfilled orders in different cities covering the Middle East.

So, here are those locations where we served with all our heart and soul:


Dubai : Buy Sex Toys in Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai has always surprised us with its mind-blowing people. Men and women of all ages have placed orders for sex toys in Dubai in good numbers to date. The sales figures for rabbit vibrators were quite high while orders ushered in for vibrating panty among the female sex toys in Dubai. The asking rate for herbal products was also quite impressive while partners looked for strap-on among the couple sex toys in Dubai. In other words, the demand for buying adult toys and accessories in Dubai seems to be on the rise. In the coming days, there will be more sex toys in Dubai for every gender.


Abu Dhabi : Buy Sex Toys in Abu Dhabi

The hot and happening Abu Dhabi is one of those cities where love has a sensual tone. Yes, the need for buying sex toys in Abu Dhabi has turned out to be quite prominent in the last few years. Men and women both have been quite anxious to lend their sex life a massive change. Cock rings among the male sex toys in Abu Dhabi have gained a good deal of attention while the vibrating massager allured women under 30s among the female sex toys in Abu Dhabi. Desensitizers too scored well among the couple sex toys in Abu Dhabi while the male gratification toys among the male sex toys in Abu Dhabi brought a record number of users.


Sharjah : Buy Sex Toys in Sharjah

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we were quite delighted to take orders for sex toys in Sharjah. Here we found girls mostly going for G-spot vibrators and artificial hymen among the female sex toys in Sharjah. These products were largely ordered by girls aged between 26 and 38. On the other hand, the app control vibrators among the couple sex toys in Sharjah had a noteworthy demand, especially for the office tour-goers. Again, the boy's pleasure kit among the men sex toys in Sharjah made ways to young guys while handcuffs allured partners in good numbers among the couple sex toys in Sharjah.


Ajman : Buy Sex Toys in Ajman

Ajman was also one of the cities under our service areas that came up with decent responses in the last few months. The asking rate for sex toys in Ajman was high for products like bullet vibrators, electro sex toys, and Super Girl. Even delay sprays and Thai herbal oil were among the most popular couple sex toys in Ajman.


Ras al-Khaimah : Buy Sex Toys in Ras al-Khaimah

Among the cities in UAE, it was Ras al-Khaimah where a lot of people had asked for adult products and accessories. Starting from single men to married women, it was almost every age group that responded so well in regard to buying sex toys in Ras al-Khaimah. As per the current reports, the demand for sex toys in Ras al-Khaimah will possibly surge higher.


Musaffah City : Buy Sex Toys in Musaffah City

In Musaffah City, what has looked evident is how women are asking for glass dildos and luxury vibrators. These female sex toys in Musaffah City have got huge praises for bringing massive changes in the sex life of women. Among the male sex toys in Musaffah City, it was the big artificial vagina that has turned on the spirits of men in bed.


Final Words

Shopping online for sex toys in Dubai and other cities in UAE is, therefore, not challenging anymore. You just need to stick to the right shopping procedures and place the order accordingly. We would deliver discreetly in sturdy boxes right where you want. So, you don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of your order.

Keep shopping from and life will bring a new meaning for you.

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about 21 days
Farida Y.
Finally got something worthy
The collection of sex toys is incredible and so I can’t take any toy. The toy is very different as it has a similarity with machine gun. The insertable portion is just fabulous as it slowly slides inside and teases the g-spot without much trouble. I can wash this sex machine with water as well.
Moderated on 01/08/2022.
about 1 month
Miss A.
Increased the pleasurable hours a bit more
Hi girls, my life is just awesome as I have the brilliant bullet vibrator from here. The length of the toy is just right as it tickles the right spot without much difficulty. The 20 different modes of vibrations slowly turn me on and help me to attain orgasms as well. The remote makes the job super easy to control the toy.
Moderated on 01/08/2022.
about 1 month
Noura A.
Nothing is going to prevent me from having enjoyment
Life has changed for me especially at night when I have this amazing vibrating massager. The toy is just fabulous to make me excited in no time with the powerful vibration. The length of the toy is good enough and I can hold this vibrator easily by grasping the toy nicely. Even I can gladly get atleast 3000 vibes in one minute simply. Operating this toy is also stress-free for me.
Moderated on 12/09/2021.
about 1 month
Maysa G.
Fun whenever we are together
My toy and I both are inter-related as I can’t leave this toy at any point. The g spot vibrator is very pleasing and I just enjoy the softness from the silicone toy every time. Looking at the toy I can feel the steaminess inside the private area. The single mode of vibration is pleasurable and the colour is very sensational.
Moderated on 12/09/2021.
about 3 months
Amna A.
Long and enjoyable nights
Hi girls, I bought an incredible luxury vibrator that has changed my nights. Now, I can’t imagine a night is enjoyable without the vibrator. This is because the toy has fulfilled my hidden desires by giving unlimited pleasure with 7 vibes also by pinpointing the right area. The colour of the vibrator is purple and the softness is awesome.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
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